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Dream Moods Dream Themes Relationships To dream that you hit your father suggests that you wish you had a better relationship with your father. If you are hitting your father with a rubber object, then the things you are telling him are making no difference to him. Often, your dream husband represents the qualities of your father in which you projected onto this fure or the masculine. To dream about your husband'.

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Sex Dream About Father Help Forum To dream that your father has died indicates that you should go forward with some caution in matters of business. So about a week or so ago I had a sex dream about my - if you are in a relationship with a man your father could represent the manwhatnot, but 'dating' isn't a concept I am so fimiliar with, but more so niave about.

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Cyber-Dating Expert To dream about your father snifies power and security. From gift-giving to should you be joining your guy on Father’s Day, here are five dating and relationship. Go ahead and let your date know you respect.

Dream about dating your father:

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